Proposed Model Regulations: Accessible TaxiCabs & For-Hire Vehicles

Accessibility in public transportation, especially in the Taxicab and For-Hire Vehicle industry, has been at the forefront of the most important issues affecting public transportation in the last few years. Whether it be high profile lawsuits garnering extensive media coverage; landmark legislation that has provided people with disabilities with increased access to the ability to be transported (an ability many people take for granted); the proliferation of dispatch programs as an attempt at a “reasonable accommodation” for disabled passengers; the increasing population of the elderly and how their needs overlap those of the disabled community; or even the ever-increasing prices of accessible medallions sold at auction and regulated by transportation agencies, accessibility is arguably the most talked-about topic in the transportation world next to the proliferation of Transportation Network Companies (“TNCs”) that utilize phone apps that, in some instances, are an attempt to dodge regulations that apply to certified transportation providers. In fact, many of these TNCs have taken to avoiding the issue of accessibility entirely, choosing instead to “pass the buck” by informing disabled would-be passengers to contact a regulated transportation company in order to meet their accessibility needs. For full  report please click here.