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International Association of Transportation Regulators (IATR)

Multi-Modal Mobility Innovation For All!

The International Association of Transportation Regulators (IATR) is a non-profit professional association of government transportation officials. It was founded in 1989 and has a mission of promoting transportation equity and affordability, sustainability, health and safety, technology innovation, open public data, and sound multi-modal governance. In order to achieve this mission, the IATR works to:

The mission of the International Association of Transportation Regulators (IATR) is to:

  • “Innovate for a multi-modal future for all,” by engaging in all activities to further the principles of transportation equity and affordability, sustainability, health and safety, technology innovation, open public data, and sound multi-modal governance.
  • Collaborate to improve the practice of licensing, enforcement and administration of for-hire transportation regulation, through the sharing of information and resources;
  • Develop and disseminate best and accepted practices for transportation regulation, including the publication of model regulations;
  • Collect, maintain, analyze and establish a “data commons” of transportation related public and private data, to be shared among members and the general public, and to use said data to assist in the assessment and development of best regulatory practices, and to foster innovation in the regulatory and academic community by hosting and sponsoring “hack-a-thons,” data challenges, and other competitions to identify regulatory challenges and offer public policy solutions through such;
  • Provide an international, professional association for transportation regulators to cooperate and consider matters of mutual interest and concern, and to exchange ideas;
  • Define mutual issues and problems in the field of transportation regulation and, through study and planning by the members, work together towards solutions that are fair to the ground transportation industry, the related business community, passengers and the riding public; Educate the general public and the business community on transportation regulation and show how the regulation of transportation is essential for safe and quality transportation services that benefit the community;
  • Provide an information and referral service designed to bring members into contact with other government regulators, and to assist in the flow of information to regulators so that them may keep their licensees and the general public informed;
  • Develop and maintain close liaison with local, state, province, country, federal and/or other appropriate government agencies that are able to assist the organization and its members; and,
  • Keep abreast of proposed changes in Federal, Province, Country and State laws that directly or indirectly affect transportation regulation.

The IATR is comprised of hundreds of government agencies representing international cities, states, provinces, airports, and agencies involved in for-hire ground transportation, and includes traditional regulators of taxicabs, liveries, black cars, paratransit, and limousines, as well as regulators of new mobility services such as Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), bike sharing, micro-transit, pedicabs, technology platforms, and car sharing. The IATR’s motto is  “Multi-Modal Mobility Innovation For All!”