IATR's Modernizing Taxi Regulations: An Innovative Governance Framework for the Future

The International Association of Transportation Regulators (“IATR”) has pioneered providing model regulations for the rapidly-evolving for-hire ground transportation sector. Taxis have been at the forefront of transportation regulation for more than a century, but the last decade has witnessed an influx of new players, namely app-based, on-demand transportation services. Providers of these apps are generally referred to by regulators as Transportation Network Companies (“TNCs”), private hire vehicles (“PHVs”), for-hire vehicles (“FHVs”), point-to-point transportation, or peer-to-peer networks. Whatever you call it, this technology has permanently altered the for-hire transportation regulatory landscape.

After more than a decade of operations in varying forms around the globe, it is clear that TNCs are a part of the for-hire transportation framework. In almost all of the U.S., TNCs have been operating under a regulatory framework designed for their unique operations. It is a “self-regulation” model of sorts, where TNCs are required to follow the established regulations pertaining to insurance coverage, driver and vehicle qualifications and standards, and operating requirements. In some places, there are reporting requirements, as well. This model has been in place for long enough that we can assess whether it works. For full report please click here.

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