IATR Model Regulations for Digital Advertising

MODEL REGULATIONS: Governing Interior and Exterior Digital Advertising for Taxicabs, Transportation Network Company (TNC) Vehicles, and Other For-Hire Vehicles

The International Association of Transportation Regulators (“IATR”) developed model regulations for interior and exterior digital advertising and product approval processes and certifications. The IATR and its members oversee industries that have too often faced negative impacts from the introduction of new technologies into the market. While rooftop advertising has been a mainstay of the taxicab industry for decades, static advertisement displays have been limited in their overall economic boost to drivers and operators. Today, new technologies and the reduction in component costs have enabled the use of Light-Emitting Diodes (“LED”) displays for rooftop advertising and tablets to display interactive digital advertising content to passengers riding inside vehicles. These displays are able to generate significantly more revenue and, as a result, provide drivers and operators with more income than their static predecessors. Currently, there are no standardized guidelines that address the concerns of safety and aesthetics or address offensive or obscene language or content of advertisements. For these reasons, the IATR and its members worked to develop these model regulations to ensure that the rules governing these new technologies are uniform and address the policy interests of regulators, drivers, passengers, and the general public. The IATR’s Technology and Innovation committee, the TNC Working Group and the Canadian Regulators committee have been integral in developing these regulations. For full report please click here.