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Regulatory Member $1000/YR

This membership is exclusive to governmental entities, regulatory agencies, or airport authorities.

Jan 1, 2024 annual fee is 1,000.00 USD.
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Associate/Industry Member $1500/YR

This membership is open to companies that endorse the implementation of transportation regulations through the provision of their products and services.

Jan 1, 2024 annual fee is 1,500.00 USD.
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About IATR & Membership Benefits

What is IATR: The International Association of Transportation Regulators (IATR) is a non-profit, professional association of government transportation officials. Founded in 1989, the IATR is primarily an educational organization that encourages close cooperation and sharing of information among the various government agencies that regulate transportation industries, while working to resolve common problems and promote best practices.

IATR’s mission: Multi-Modal Mobility Innovation For All!

To promote transportation equity, affordability, sustainability, health, safety, technology innovation, open data, and multi-modal governance.

Our IATR membership now includes:

  • Traditional government agencies that regulate taxicabs, liveries, black cars, paratransit, and limousines;
  • Transportation Network Company (TNC) state regulators;
  • Public Transit Agencies;
  • Departments of Transportation and Motor Vehicles;
  • Insurance Departments;
  • Airports;
  • Planning Agencies; and Other regulators of new mobility services include bike sharing, micro-transit, pedicabs, technology platforms, and car sharing.

Membership benefits:


Each year, IATR holds a highly successful annual conference. For three days, regulators from around the world share perspectives, experiences, statistics, and regulatory practices. Associate members are able to attend and participate in the annual educational conference business sessions to profile their products and services and support the association through sponsorship. ACCESS STUDIES, REPORTS, AND NETWORK Save staff time and start your research and investigation of best practices with member-only access to the IATR website. IATR membership is particularly beneficial for regulators that oversee taxis as part of their larger mandate. Through the IATR portal members gain access to:

  • Access past conference videos and educational materials;
  • Receive daily news blast/snips email;
  • Join one of IATR’s committees such as the TNC Working Group, Technology & Innovation, Accessible Transportation; Health & Safety Committee, Canadian Regulators, Australian Regulators, and the European Regulators;
  • Ability to send surveys to IATR members;
  • Access to reports, model regulations, and best practices studies;
  • Discounts to upcoming conferences and much more.