IATR’s Modernizing Taxi Regulations

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An Innovative Governance Framework for the Future

IATR Modernization Report Final Cover January 2024The International Association of Transportation Regulators (“IATR”) has pioneered providing model regulations for the rapidly-evolving for-hire ground transportation sector. Taxis have been at the forefront of transportation regulation for more than a century, but the last decade has witnessed an influx of new players, namely app-based, on-demand transportation services. Providers of these apps are generally referred to by regulators as Transportation Network Companies (“TNCs”), private hire vehicles (“PHVs”), for-hire vehicles (“FHVs”), point-to-point transportation, or peer-to-peer networks. Whatever you call it, this technology has permanently altered the for-hire transportation regulatory landscape.

“Modernizing Taxi Regulations: An Innovative Governance Framework for the Future” draws from the international experience to set a framework to: streamline regulations; make the vehicle, driver, and company approval processes more efficient; and maximize regulatory flexibility and benefits to customers, operators, and drivers – all without compromising safeguards for health, safety, and consumer protections.  The recommendations include allowing taxis to use e-hail and up-front fares, allow soft-meters where metered fares are necessary, ensuring driver eligibility criteria is relevant in the age of GPS, and making taxi companies responsible for driver credentialing.  It is well past time that regulators look at taxi rules from the bottom up and remove those that are standing in the way of innovative that can support multi-modal mobility, sustainability, accessibility, and equity and partnerships. Click here to read the full report.